Sync Blob Storage Containers with Azure Automation

I constructed this solution for a customer of mine needing to replicate files an application they had in multiple regions. While geo-replicated storage, a component feature of Azure keeping data synced across regions, would provide some level of redundancy it did not protect against accidental user errors in the customer’s application where data was removed nor does geo-replicated storage allow you to select the specific region data is replicated to.

What we needed was fine-grained control over which containers (folders) needed to be replicated to another region and to have complete control over which region we copied the contents to. A simple PowerShell script would work well to copy small amounts of data; but when the number and sizes of blobs grows this becomes a challenge to detect updates/additions/deletions and make reflective changes in the destination. Another requirement was this be automatic and hands-off — also not requiring a workstation or server to run the script from. The workflow will recursively walk through the folder structure of the specified container and copy everything!

The solution ended up being an Azure Automation Workflow that has some benefits of being ‘put to sleep’ if it exceeds runtime execution limits provided by the Automation facilities. When it resumes, because it persisted state on what iteration it was on each run, it will pick up where it left off.

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Ryan Berry

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